Our mission and values

Our aim is to make a tangible difference in the way workplaces function – to humanise the workplace by:

  • Improving levels of employee health and wellbeing
  • committed to continued learning 
  • making things simple
  • helping people work well / achieve
  • creating and using best evidence
  • Enhancing people management and leadership skills

We do this through research projects that provide materials to support a wide range of organisations and through direct advice and strategy support to employer organisations.



Our approach is to:

  • Take a rigorous evidence-based approach that builds and gathers academic research and practitioner expertise  
  • Create outputs that are directly applicable and useful to practitioners, managers and/or employees
  • Bring together multi-disciplinary groups of stakeholders to ensure that our approaches are fit for purpose, have maximum impact and encourage collaboration across all   relevant disciplines (including line managers, practitioners in HR, Health and Safety, Occupational Health, Psychology)